Bridging The Gap
Bridging The Gap
Christy Chadwick

Welcome to Bridging The Gap

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About Us

Come together with other families just like you who are raising a child with hearing loss.  This group is for any parent who struggle with guilt about the choices they're making for their child, lack of confidence in what to do, and/or confusion about the various practices and information.  

Regardless of language modality choice, age of child, or where you are on this journey, we are here to help guide you as you navigate what it means to raise a deaf child.  

The group includes weekly posts and information about research and evidence-based practices on various topics. 

We host weekly 30 minute Q&A sessions LIVE inside the group where you can ask your questions to a professional in the field. 

Monthly LIVE one hour special topic discussion for all community members to attend. Topics vary and are chosen by the community (i.e. child behavior, pandemic stressors, homeschooling ideas, basic sign language intro). 

You'll have the opportunity to attend monthly special events with guest speakers for 15% off the public rate. 

Individual and group family coaching sessions are available to community members for 15% off the public rate. 

The community is a safe space to connect with other families. You'll have access to post your own questions to the group, post about your challenges or struggles, and more.  We ask that in any post you use the given "topics" so that we know what it is you're needing, whether it's:

- feedback (this means you're asking the community for ideas about a topic that you may not know much about and you'd like others to share what they've tried, like homeschooling, or keeping hearing aids on, or learning sign language in the home)

- shared experience (if community members are comfortable, they can share about a similar experience on your post so you don't feel so alone)

- encouragement (asking for encouragement is -- well, encouraged -- Talk about a decision you made for your family, an event happening, or something you'r doing for your child that you'd like encouragement around)

- to be heard and seen (if you just need to share, to be witnessed in a safe space, you can list it under this topic as a way to say, "I'm just sharing."  Appropriate responses to this post is: (1) "I see you" (2) "I hear you" (3) "I am here with you")


Why You Should Join Us

There are many free groups and lots of information available that it can be conflicting and confusing as to what is best for your child.  Bottom line, you know what is best for your child.  In this group, we help you find clarity and bring into focus the priorities that matter most for you, your family, and your child.   

A Big Thanks

Your support makes a difference.  1% of all membership sales goes to efforts in helping climate change.  10% goes to Deaf Education Awareness Foundation (D.E.A.F.) to help provide funding for services to deaf children and their families, hearing aids, cochlear implants, language classes, and more. 

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